All the brokers appearing on this list are licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), which was established in accordance with section 5 of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (Establishment and Responsibilities) Law of 2001, as a public corporate body.

Cyprus is the choice of many Cyprus Forex Brokers because of the very low corporate tax rates, which are very attractive for Forex Brokers. Furthermore, the regulatory requirements in Cyprus are more flexible than elsewhere and this has caused many highly regarded brokers to headquarter their business in Cyprus. Our web site offers you the chance to have all the information you need, presented through a simple and clean layout. Click on the Review button next to each Broker to view their trading conditions, info and promos, select a Forex Broker and click on the Apply button to open an account with the Broker of your choice and start trading. is a website dedicated to providing unbiased information concerning regulated Cyprus Forex Brokers, to existing and potential Forex Traders in Cyprus.

Our ambition is to become your starting point when it comes to Forex trading, by concentrating all you need to know about Brokers under one roof. Focusing mainly on traders who want to open a new account, our purpose is to offer up-to-date information through a simple and clean layout. Our visitors can easily see and compare what the various Brokers can offer and select a Broker to open an account with. The team of wishes you a successful trading experience.

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